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name NRF-Nunchuk
status experimental
description NRF Nunchuk Remote Control
author Elektrospy
maintainer Elektrospy
owner Elektrospy, Merlin
location Chaospott
version 0.1
platform Arduino


A custom wii nunchuk remote control with telemetry info display


Its nice to drive around a Matecrate or Couchelement, but the need to stop everytime you want your battery level is kind of a let down…

So starting out with a wired Wii Nunchuk was ok and the upgrade to an wireless nunchuk clone was nice (people like to pull on cables…).

But a wireless controller with a small display that shows (live) telemetry data and maybe even allows to make some small changes to the vehicle parameter, that would be a really nice upgrade.

Hardware List

  • Wii Nunchuk Clone
  • Arduino Nano
  • nrf24l01 Module
  • Playstation Thumbstick
  • SSD1306 OLED LCD Display 128X64
  • TP4056 LiPo Standalone Charger
  • small LiPo

First development breadboard build


The image above shows the first develment build for testing the remote hardware

Thumbstick - exchange the default thumbstick

Ok so lets start with the first hardware "mod", the exchange of the default thumbstick for a playstation like joystick with pushbutton.

nrfnunchuk_hardware_thumbstick_closeup_001.jpgnrfnunchuk_hardware_thumbstick_explode_001.jpg Rough placement test for the thumbstick



nrf24l01 Module

0.96" OLED Display

TP4056 1A Standalone Linear Li-lon Battery Charge

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